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about Vedic Astro

Vedic Astro is an Astro-tech firm that has a team of experienced professionals who aware of all know-how with authentic solutions.


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Our Vedic Astrologers are equipped with the innate power to write down all forecasts about anyone’s life. It is a wonderful science that can add something useful and good to mankind. Vedic Astrology is helpful for all needy people to live their life peacefully and deal with the issues with natural remedies, not any magic.

It is only the sky-touching power of vedic astrology that our services are proven to extend from the last few years. Vedic Astrology consultancy is an online platform that helps people to get solutions for their problems by predicting the futureunder the leadership & vision of professional Astros.

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We have a team of qualified and experienced Vedic Astro who will help to improve people’s livesthrough Deities, Temples, Fasting, Festivals, and others.

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our Vedic Astro Services

We proffer all desired astrology services that people are seeking out for. All of them are well-proven and solved all sorts of issues.


Birth Journal

A career is the essential essence of everyone’s life. It helps to sort out all questions as roam around on head and reduce the troubles.

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vastu shastra

It is a traditional Hindu Vedic Astrology that helps to keep peace at home and also, helps to grow as time passes.

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face reading

A face is like a map that we can read to get an in-depth understanding of an individual as they meet, involving spiritual healing, Vastu shastra, and so on.

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lal kitab

It is the whole school of Vedic astrology and comprisesfive books that help to analyze horoscopes in new styles and advising some remedies. All planetary positions come from this book.

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crystal ball

A magical ball that predicts everything about the future in the digital world. Get all your answers here with the ball.

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kundli dosh

All types of lacks or troubles in your Kundli can be sorted out here by implementing some valid solutions.

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daily routines

We will offer some daily services in Vedic Astro to help people in knowing how their day will be.

vastu shastra


It is a traditional Hindu Vedic Astrology that helps to keep peace at home and also, helps to grow as time passes.

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Birth journal (kundli)


A career is the essential essence of everyone’s life. It helps to sort out all questions as roam around on head and reduce the troubles.

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1- Is Vedic astrology reliable?

The entire mankind is trapped in a whirlpool of futuristic uncertainties. Is future prediction possible? An expert Vedic astrologer can estimate the future possibilities to a great extent. Vedic astrology is the science of foretelling the future that was originated 5000 years back in India. Such is its relevance that it has been maintaining its worth since then. Astrology believes that everything is predestined and can estimate the prophesize the future with higher accuracy. Using Vedic astrology, the astrologer can predict all about fortune, finances, adversities/prosperities, relationships, family, studies, temperament, and everything possible. They do this by reading your face, palm, Kundli and making a calculation using astronomy and mathematics.

2- What is the most important Vedic astrology?

The most celebrated Vedic astrologers reveal that every aspect of Vedic astrology is unique in itself. It aims to mirror the future. The learned the astrologer, the higher the accuracy of prophecy.

Vedic astrologers follow three paths to prophesy:

  • 1. Palm Reading
  • 2. Face Reading
  • 3. Kundli reading

3- What should I ask a Vedic astrologer?

Everything related to your life can be predicted. Astrology can hint at the futuristic echoes and happenings in your life. You may have a lot of queries to put forward in front of them. This may include relationships, studies, careers, children and money, etc. Everything that stresses you about the future can be asked to put an end to your worries.

At Vedic Astro, we have highly intellectual Vedic Astrologers with years of experience. They can help you resolve all your queries to let you attain mental peace.

4- Who is the No. 1 Vedic Astrologer in India?

When it comes to reaching out to an astrologer, the options are galore. But only a few of them are learned Vedic Astrologers with deep insight and the potential to meditate to look into someone’s life. Prophesy is an intricate science known only to a few. The best Vedic astrologer in India knows this art and can utilize it to prophesize good and bad moments.

our vedic astro Experts

We have well-qualified experts available who have years of experience in this astrology field. You can choose the one and get all desired services.




tarot reader





Daily Planetary Overview

Get an overview of Daily Planetary positions and get prepared for the day! Read all about the planets and see how it affects your life. Our daily horoscope proffers much more about a summary of the planets that may either affect your work or professional life. The energy of all planets &stars changesfrom time to time and needs a detailed-attention. You can track everything that will be going to happen weekly or daily and how the energies of planets demonstrate in various arenas on the birth charts. Twelve different zodiac signs are here in astrology and these are in the form of twelve houses when it comes to horoscope.All of them are vital in their manner and represent some diverse planets as well as stars that impact an individual’s life. If you want happiness and prosperity in your life, then give a take to the daily horoscope that will help you to showthe right path. Vedic astrology is proven science, not magic that lies on figures & facts.

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Here, you can find experiences of our past customers who enjoyed our services and improved their life.

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